The Perfect Electrical Outlet Locations For A Well-Wired Home

Avoid Electrical Burn

Other than various decisions that need to be made while building a new home, electrical outlet locations may be treated as petty and forgettable detail. However, you won’t understand its importance until you start living in your new home and realize the placement of your electrical outlets doesn’t work well with your furniture plans, as well as doesn’t meet your needs.

Thus, it is essential to plan your electrical outlet locations during the building stage. In this article, we will take the stress and headache out of you planning the electrical outlet placement to ensure your new home is well-wired before your move-in day comes.


It is best to study bedroom spaces. Think about where you will place the beds, cabinets, dresser, and other furniture. Think about your typical habits in these rooms, as this will help you place outlet locations to meet your needs. Whether you need an outlet near the nightstand for phone charging, alarm clocks, or a small reading lamp, or you need to have a television or computer. 


While the kitchen requires the most electrical power compared to other rooms, outlet planning for the kitchen should be very detailed and concise. Decide where your major appliances, such as your refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, or others, will be located. In kitchens, all outlets that serve countertop surfaces should be fully-equipped with GFCI protection.

Living Room

Since the living room is where most families spend most of their time and where most people host friends and family, you should make sure that there are enough outlets available. It is best to place an outlet in all corners of the living room and an additional outlet in the middle of each wall.


The bathroom is one of the most overlooked rooms when planning outlet locations. However, it is highly beneficial to ensure enough range in this room, too. Suppose you need to get ready for the day, and you need an outlet for the blow dryer, electric toothbrush, or electric shaver.


The garage is frequently one of the most forgotten places when it comes to electrical planning. However, it may be beneficial to have several outlets for power tools to be used. Whenever you plan on having a garage door opener, an outlet in the center of the ceiling will be essential.

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