5 Indicators That Your Light Switch Is Faulty

Light Switch Is Faulty

In any electrical system, a switch is one of the most commonly used components, especially when it comes to turning on and off lighting fixtures within your homes. We bet that most homeowners have dealt with a bad light switch before, but some may get surprised when they flip a light switch, and nothing happens. Fortunately, we are here to provide (5) indicators that your light switch might be faulty and requires repair or replacement.

Here at Electrical Wire Services, we are here to tackle the following indications that your light switch might be faulty. Below are the possible issues that might indicate your light switch needs repair or replacement:

  • Sparking Switch- In most cases, a sparking switch can be normal and doesn’t indicate a problem. However, if you notice or spot a larger spark, it can be an indication that there’s something wrong with your light switch.
  • Warm or Hot To Touch Switch- If you turn on or off your light switch and feel warm on the surface of the light switch, it’s a good indicator of too much power running through it. It happens due to a bad light switch installation, hooking it up to a circuit with a higher amp load that it can manage.
  • Switch Makes Unusual Noises- Light switches are not supposed to make a single noise when turned on/off. If you hear a buzzing, clicking, or popping sound coming from your light switch, chances are your light switch might be worn out or the wires within it are loose, causing it to emit unusual noises.
  • Light Won’t Turn On- There are several reasons why your light won’t turn on, and these reasons may include problems in the circuit breaker panel, wire shortage, or the problem could be the switch itself. The bulb could also be the reason why your light won’t turn on. Whatever the case would be, it is better to call an expert electrician to get it checked.
  • Flickering Lights- A light that flickers are one of the obvious indicators that your switch is faulty. Even though you have replaced your bulb, if the flickering continues, it is more likely that you have faulty connections behind your light switch.

So, if you are bothered by any of the following, then your light switch might be defective, and it is significant to hire a professional electrician immediately!

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