What Makes Your Electrical Outlet Stop Working?

Electrical Outlet Stop Working

When your electrical outlet suddenly goes faulty is an aggravating experience. However, don’t overthink the worst yet. The culprits of a damaged outlet are just simple, while some need the help of an expert electrician. Electrical Wire Services is able to deal with these culprits. Here are some common reasons why an outlet stops working:

Tripped Circuit Breaker 

When inadvertent electrical currents are spotted, your circuit breaker trips. Once the outlet overloaded, then the device would have been switched off. Examine the other outlets to check if they are functioning. Go where you installed your circuit breaker if they don’t work.

Once a circuit breaker trips, the lever will normally turn to the center or off. Prior to flipping the circuit breaker on, disconnect and move any appliances away near the damaged outlets. Plugging too many appliances may cause the circuit breaker to trip. Also, defective appliances can short-circuit, also tripping the device. Disconnect and check the appliances before powering the circuit breaker back on.

Old Wiring System

Your wiring system is the main pathway of your electricity at home. Once the system is old or worn, the electrical current can’t flow properly. Outlets may malfunction due to faulty wiring. Other than the damaged outlet, other indicators of a bad wiring system is a regular buzzing sound from the outlet burnt smell or marks, flickering lights, too hot to touch, and old electrical wiring. If you are putting up with any of these issues, contact Electrical Wire Services for a professional diagnosis.

Poor Connection

Some outlets are vulnerable to a poor connection, which may cause them to break down. They are set up with a box that may possibly run into problems such as a bad connection or loosened screws. When the box of an outlet can’t supply sufficient power, the outlet will stop functioning. Indicators of a poor connection are most likely the same as an old or worn wiring system. Another sign is the struggle to determine the problem without the assistance of a professional electrician. When you suspect your outlet has a poor connection, give  Electrical Wire Services an emergency call.

After checking the possible causes of your malfunctioned outlet, it may be time to seek the assistance of a professional technician. Electrical Wire Services will help diagnose any problem you have with your dead outlet, as well as offering electrical outlet repair or installation. Give our team a call to schedule an appointment for residential electrical service