Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation Services

If you own an electric vehicle and you would like the convenience offered by an EV home charging station to your properties, talk to the electrical experts at Electric Wire Services. We provide residential professional electric vehicle charger installation and services.

What is an EVSE Charger?

EVSE chargers supply electric energy to recharge your electric vehicles whenever you want. 


There are three levels of electric vehicle charging devices available:

  • Level 1 Charger – It requires no installation, but it charges the batteries very slowly. These chargers are best suited for overnight use only as it can take 18 hours or more to fully charge your electric car’s battery.
  • Level 2 Charger – This more advanced EVSE charger and requires to be professionally installed in your garage. These chargers work much faster, fully charging your EV in about three hours. 
  • Level 3 Charger – These chargers are present at any public charging stations. Beyond being very expensive, they have an industrial-level power draw that makes them unavailable to most homeowners. If you own or work at an industrial building, it is possible to have a Level 3 charger installed in your property.

EV Charger Installation

When you decide to have a Level 2 charger installed in your garage or parking space, here is what you can expect from Electric Wire Services:

  • Full inspection of all equipment before the installation service.
  • Site inspection.
  • Electrical system upgrades.
  • Install your EVSE charger in your property.
  • Testing the equipment to verify if it is functioning properly.
  • Educate our customers on the equipment features, correct usage, limitations, necessary maintenance, and warranty terms.

Our EV Charger Installation Experts

Ready to get an estimate or book your EV charger installation services for your electric vehicle? For commercial electrical services request an appointment online, or call Electric Wire Services today!

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