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If you noticed certain outlets no seem to work in your home, or some flickering lights, it could be a sign of a faulty electrical panel. Several problems could cause damage to your electrical panel. Electrical panel repair is not an easy task. It’s best to leave it to the professionals at Electric Wire Services for a reliable repair of your electrical panel. We’ll be more than happy to inspect your home for any possible problems that it might have. It can be a huge inconvenience to having no electricity in your home. We have our technicians trained and insured to help any problem you encounter. We can accurately diagnose any issue of the panel & wiring installation you electrical face and give necessary solutions to fix it.

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When to Repair Your Circuit Panel

An essential part of keeping your home’s electrical functioning with problems is to have an efficient electrical panel or circuit breaker that works properly. It’s easy to neglect your electric panel repair, but it greatly helps to check your system every once in a while. Not getting a service sooner can cause several issues. Learn to identify the signs of problems, so that you can call a professional before it causes any more damage.

  • Burnt or odd smells from your panel
  • Inadequate power in appliances
  • Panel heating
  • Frequent flickering or dimming lights

No matter the age of an electrical panel, an inspection by our licensed electricians will give you comfort and peace of mind from your electrical system. Let Electric Wire Services handle your electrical panel repairs today! Contact us!

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