Two Most Common Lighting Problems


Lighting is one of the essential things to give attraction to your home. Well-designed and efficient lighting products will not only improve the aesthetics of your living place, but it also yields incredible household energy savings.

However, no matter how responsible you are taking care of your electrical system, problems can still occur at any time. It is necessary to seek professional electricians to keep you away from any dangerous situations caused by your lighting system or other electrical systems.

  1. Light Bulbs Burn Out Too Often

If your light bulbs go out too often, it could be an indicator of electrical problems.

Causes of Burnout

    1. Wattage is too high,
    2. High voltage,
    3. Abnormal air circulation,
    4. The bulb is fixed too tightly,
    5. Disorganized and damaged wiring on mains or circuit

Solution: If you encounter this kind of trouble often, you check if the holder is loose. Bring in an expert electrician to determine the reason behind your electrical burnout.

  1. Too Bright or Dim Lighting and Flickering Lights 

When you notice the lights keep on flickering or if one is brighter or dimmer than the others, there could be two causes for that. It either consumes different wattage of power or the main power of your panel has problems.

Solution: If your bulbs have different wattage, there would be no issue, but if there is a failure in your power panel, you need to count on a professional and licensed electrician.

Whenever you notice something strange with your lighting system, don’t hesitate to ask for some help at Electric Wire Services for your emergency lighting repair.

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