Important Tips To Save Energy in Summer

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Do you notice that your energy bill is rising during the summer season? There are so many common practices over the summer that are contributing to increasing energy and electricity bills. However, saving energy on hot summer days doesn’t mean sweltering in the heat when several changes can go a long way to drop down the energy costs.

Tips To Save Energy in Summer

1) Conduct a home energy inspection

Do you know that a home energy audit can save much of your money in a year? By conducting a complete and thorough examination of your home, you can find some important ways to reduce energy usage. 

2) LED lighting

If you want to compare the energy efficiency of different light bulbs, you must look for the terms luminous efficacy or useful lumens. Do you have an idea that these terms describe the amount of light emitted per unit of power consumed by the light bulb? For your information, LED bulbs will consume a little amount of power, with their installation resulting in a 60-75% improvement in the energy efficiency of lighting solutions at home.

3) Control the sunlight to get in your home

We all know that the heat from the sun can warm up a home to annoying and uncomfortable levels that have people reaching for the air conditioner or fan controls. Instead of using up energy by using your cooling equipment, you can try blocking sunlight heat from the windows. 

4) Maximize airflow to cool up the place

Are you aware that air movement cools people by increasing evaporation in still conditions? However, it requires well-designed openings, like doors, windows, and vents, and works off the premise of unrestricted breeze paths. Always put in mind, the idea of airflow works best in narrow or open areas where there are entry and exit points for the breeze.

5) Install smart technology to control the electricity usage in your home

Having smart technology can help you keep costs down by being intuitive and programmed to create custom schedules that eliminate unnecessary energy consumptions. 

6) Clean your air conditioning unit

Over the years, specks of dirt can get caught in the air conditioner filter. If any grime is left in the filter, it takes 10-15% more energy to power the unit. That’s why cleaning the filter a couple of times every year or even changing the filter if it is worn out will save you from spending too much of your money in the long run. Your savings will be still if you keep the AC filter in top condition.

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Saving your energy over the summer doesn’t mean sweltering in the heat. Conducting a home energy inspection or switching to solar panels can keep your place cool without breaking the bank. However, there are times that problems still occur. The best way for you to get rid of any electrical trouble is to hire a professional right away. The good thing is Electrical Wire Services is here and ready to serve you with any of your residential electrical services needs. Don’t worry! Our experts can perform electrical outlet repair & installation, wiring repair & installation, and switch repair & installation

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