Four Most Common Reasons to Install Outdoor Outlets


Do you have a plan to get more use out of your deck area? Don’t worry! Installing outdoor outlets that are protected from the elements is another incredible and brilliant move: 

1) You have more deck lighting alternatives.

For your information, having a few extra outdoor outlets installed gives you more choices for adding string lights or other electric-powered decorations for your home. Always make sure that you also have enough extra circuits to provide the power necessary to keep those lights brightly shining in the area.

2) Expanding or extending your home office to the outdoors.

After certain weeks of working from home, in the living room or the kitchen, or maybe a dedicated indoor home office, you may be planning to extend your working area into the outdoors. If you are tempted to bring and plug your laptop outside to the deck, you should make sure you have a place to plug it in safely while you are out there, so you don’t lose power right in the middle of your next meeting via Slack or Zoom. 

3) Good for your outdoor cooking appliances.

These modern days, outdoor living and cooking have become more popular, household owners will need safe and reliable outlets and spaces that are protected from the weather to prepare some meals and use kitchen appliances outdoors. Whether that means you want to install an outdoor fridge or powered cooler, an electric range, or any other home appliances, it is necessary for you to install outdoor outlets. 

4) You should have safety upgrades for outdoor outlets.

Do you know that outdoor outlets should be GFCI outlets that automatically shut the power off if they become wet? But the modernized or latest models exist that provide extra protection from the weather and other elements. Safety is one of the most important things that you need to consider, so if you are not feeling certain or comfortable about your current outlets or want to install new ones, contact our team at Electrical Wire Services today for a virtual estimate and we can provide guidance. 

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